SRP is, and will remain, independent of any audit, tax, legal or other professional service firm.  SRP accepts only one client within any given industry segment.  So the help our clients receive is dedicated entirely to their needs, untouched by conflicts of interest, or by considerations of "cross-reference potential", "firm policy" or similar.  We work for you, our client, and for no-one else.


 To be effective, we frequently have access to our clients' confidential data.  After an assignment, we are privy to their most sensitive strategic intentions.  It  is an absolute engagement that no information about the assignment, or even its existence, will be passed to third parties without explicit prior authorisation from the client.  All our staff are bound by a commitment to total confidentiality.


 Everything we say is fact-based; so far as is humanly possible, on hard statistical or market  research data.  Where the data is less than dependable, we let you know, and discuss how much reliance can be placed on the resulting conclusions.  Data is rigorously analysed, and the results passed to you without any softening or 'interpretation'.  We commit to telling our clients exactly what we find, however embarrassing, hard to accept or counter-intuitive.


 How a company reacts to the facts is individual to it.  Differing equipment, skills, experience and traditions all mean that one company's market is another's nightmare.  We work with our clients to lay out the facts, assess their own capabilities to turn the facts to their advantage, and gather consensus behind an action plan to which all are committed.  How this process works depends entirely on the client's needs.  That it works is fundamental to the success of the assignment.


 Finally, we bear constantly in mind that our rôle is to provide information, help and support.  Where what is needed is not something we are equipped to provide, we say so, and will recommend another provider.  The responsibility for action, the risks of failure, and the credit for success rest with the client.  We never forget that.